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May 28, 2008


Gib Cooper

I loved reading about the differences between the FSC and the SFI forests. What also piqued my interest was the great suggestion to use products made from bamboo (a non-timber forest product-NTFP). Bamboo is a major plant group like conifers and there are more than 1000 species. About 1/3 of those species are native to the Americas. At the 2nd Bamboo Congress of Mexico last March, I noted a bellwether change to not use Asian species or other exotic species in plantation and reforestation schemes. Instead, Mexico is building a bamboo industry on a native giant Guadua bamboo that was losing habitat. This is a good thing if the native Guadua bamboo is nurtured and protected under sustainable management plans as guaranteed under FSC certification.

steve hanson

hi there. can someone please help me out? we have a supplier who is both fsc and sfi certified. how does this work? we do not know what to do in terms of using this supplier. also we fish up in northern ontario and there where clear cuts (yes clear cuts) that were on the fsc crown licences. we are a small flooring manufacture that is very confused as to where we should be buying our certified wood. please help on this your pictures are confusing???? thanks for your reply

Rech Manson

I've been searching about these FSC and SFI. And finally I've found your blog. I'm happy that in your blog you distinguished between FSC and SFI. In my own views, FSC’s principles about forestry are good. It's very obvious that forest is very essential to us human. It provides us almost of our needs. So, it is very important that we should be taking cared of these.

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